Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pulling the plug

There are two relationships in particular (don't worry, dear reader, it tain't you) where the energy between us has stalled. Or maybe it stalled a long time ago and I just didn't know it. I am going to let them go for a while. Its really painful, after all the mutual investment, after the fun times and great e-mail exchanges. It has gotten to the point where I know that if I just sit passively by, nothing will happen. Connections will just fizzle. I want to call, I want to resuscitate them. I don't know what I would even say to these individuals and not sure that I even care how they are doing. Its just such a strange place to be. Its absolutely not my typical MO. I feel so callous. I am not sure why I am even writing this. Some sort of stab at justification or vindication. I haven't been deeply wronged, just overlooked.

So many beautiful people are pouring their lives into mine, it would be ridiculous to continue to pine over people who no longer want to play with me.

I wish them well. If they want to talk, I'll listen. I want to let go without burning bridges.

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