Sunday, February 27, 2005

The rain.

We lost power earlier today. I actually welcomed the excuse to sit in the dark and listen to the T*ster play the piano. Even when the power came on, I left the lights off. The blue light coming from the windows was so enchanting, I didn't want to wash it out with the yellow incandescence. The only problem was, that I felt like blogging, so I wrote a letter to Currer instead. Blogging and letter-writing are almost the same thing done in different media.

I think the power outage might have made the router confused. Its not working right now. But the modem is. My contact with the rest of the world is so fragile and tempermental.

A picture I took of the Bay is on the desktop right now. I so rarely stare at my own pictures for very long. Its mildly surreal.

So, can you tell? Its been a quiet day. The T*ster stopped by to paint her room. Its Martha Stewart yellow now, instead of Martha Stewart Blue. It now matches the kitchen.

I can hear the water outside. I hope the drive tomorrow is nice. I have only been over da 17 once in the last week. I think that is a record. I wish you could hear the water right now. Its lovely.

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