Monday, February 28, 2005

My brain is off-line right now. Too many cookies. Is there a 12-step program for cookie addiction?

I stopped by the Muttonham library today to use their computers and I couldn't get one to work. That forced me to actually browse the stacks (horrors!). I found all sort of submarine inspiration (especially a book about the history of typewriters-- it was full of fabulous pictures of alien-lloking early typewriter designs). I also discovered that the Muttonhammer librarians have an weird book arranging system. For example, in the section about clocks and machinery, they had scattered books about rubber stamps. The shelf right next to it, was devoted entirely to self-help and psychology. How is that related? They also had a lot of books about guns and explosives, so if you are a terrorist, Muttonham is a good place to check out info. I kept thinking with the Patriot act and all, that stuff would be verboten.

Like I should talk. The last time I had to arrange a library (at the Union Bank of Ca's Law Library) I did it by book size. Which is what I did with my own library in my room. I am so short on shelf space that I just have to make it fit any old way. It makes finding things rather difficult. I am going to put that in my "personal growth area."

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