Thursday, February 24, 2005

the technology rollercoster

I got a shiny new wireless router today in the mail. It is currently sitting in humiliation on the desk, attatched to nothing. I tried setting it up, I read the info packet thoroughly. At the beginning it was really easy. Plug this into that and so on. Then it got complicated, I had to log into some weird thing and then I had to decipher a bunch of acronyms and no indication of what I had or needed, in addition to a bunch of choices. Am I telepathic? I had the notes that the Bagel left for us and all the DSL info, but no avail. There seemed to be no relation between what the DSL people wrote and the wireless people. I think it is too late for my brain to figure it out. I am going to look at it in the morning. I should have gotten the mac product. dagnabit.

Took the Contessa to the Symphony tonight. We listened to Bartok and an amazing pianist. Tho' with Bartok you could easily hit a lot of wrong notes and no one would know.

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