Saturday, February 12, 2005

Word of the Moment

anhedonia: the inability to take pleasure in life.

Are you suffering from anhedonia? Are you out of touch with your pleasure seeking missile? Do you find yourself putting off otherwise pleasurable acitivities (such as eating, drinking, talking on the phone, serving cheese to your friends, developing film, drawing with the Wobbly, calling your best gf, cleaning your room, eating vegetables, spitting of bridges, walking on tightropes, picking berries, eating tomatoes out of the garden, reading the OED, talking to Currer, waiting for NY to call, walking to the Boardwalk, posting on craigslist, biking to the Sashmill to buy cheap cookies, knitting with alpaca (possibly the softest mammalgenic fibre), paying bills, cleaning the bathroom so that it shines-like-a-new-penny-and-gives-you-a-lot-of-pleasure-just-by- looking-at-its-pristine-sparkliness (the Germans ought to have a word for that), consumming chocolate, sangria, dancing ackwardly with the M*ster to the beat of Mr. E's spinning, hanging out in the sun putting clothes on the line knowing that you are saving energy, eating toast with butter, the meditative act of peeling the skin off of a succulent little tangelo-- anticipating the pleasure of the bursting of the little sections in your mouth, thinking about how much you love your friends and family, thinking about the Knee-biter and what a great person she is and my-goodness-I-remember-when-she-was-a-lump-of-protoplasm-in-my-mother's-womb, watching 1500 lb elephant seals mate and beat each other to a pulp on an early saturday morning at Ano Nuevo, listening to the docent talk about the incredible design of their eyeballs and in the same breath discussing their evolutionary march through the annals of history)?

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