Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Amazing Mrs S got me hooked on Umberto Eco. This morning I was lazing in bed, reading his "travels in Hyperreality." His obsession with semiotics is contagious. I am seeing everything through a haze of signs and symbols. It even infected my lecture to the fifth graders re: the functions of the various lobes of the brain. I talked about how (ok, this is fifth grade level neauroscience) the left hemisphere processes symbols and that makes it a bad drawer. Hence the need to get in a right brain mode to process... there I faltered. Process what? Reality? The raw impulses that are flogging the back of our retinas? I mumbled something and passed out the paper. What is the opposite of a symbol? What is reality?

Arch! I am not going there.

Where I am going, is a surprise. But I think it will involve liquids, cute baristas and a sketchbook.

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