Monday, March 14, 2005

Hello Darlings,

Yes, I have recovered from the party last Sat. Thanks to everyone who sent their consolations, sympathy and headache rememdies. A party is really a time for serious introspection, weighing one's priorities, considering one's philosophy and examining one's life. I had plenty of that yesterday. Like the proverbial phrosting on the cake, the people who came to celebrate made the experieince a sweet one. I was talking to my mother yesterday and she asked me if "bacchus made an appearance." Isn't she cute?

Why am I blathering on about the party? Well, my friends, its monday right now. I am stealing a little time before my boss makes me staple paper to cardboard in a misguided attempt to save money. (Pshh, a woman of my intellect, forced to staple paper? quel waste!) So please forgive an old woman dwelling on her golden youth. (insert a long sigh, here) as I cudgel my mind away from thoughts of the Ominous Future and think happy thoughts of loud music, good friends, fires in the driveway and a forest of wine bottles.

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