Monday, April 11, 2005

Feeling a bit shell shocked

Spent the afternoon clearing the area in front of the computer so I could sit and blog (after I checked e-mail, after I paid bills, after I hydrated...). Emptied car, took out garbage, wiped out the recycling bins, answered mail, checked messages, moved grandpappy's darkroom to the attic.

Comics is People


I am looking at the rubber bag bursting with zines. Its intimidating. I feel slightly panicked. Like Proust and his eternal madelaine or Beryl Markham and her pilot's log, I'll begin at the top.

Sucker Free, sketch booklet no. 3
Blondish dude, with a voluminous black duster, youngish. Came to the table and traded. Didn't talk much. In the back he says he had a show at the grind on the Haight last year. Probably local. Drawings "primitive" like an adolescent's margin-doodles. That isn't a cut, its an observation.

the Collage Dropout
was with the SF dude. we discussed carving erasers for the purpose of print. Flipping through I found the words "san jose" and "suck" in the same sentence. Those valleys are so negative (and dare I say? predictable)

Stickers and patch from KOAK + Missing Kisses
After finding her fabulous zines at streetlight, I finally got to meet her and be a gushy groupie. Makes me proud to be a Flip Flop artist. Stickers will get stuck on some prominent place. Also bought a t-shirt that says "live left of die" it was the only one that didn't have explicit sex on the front. Gave her cash, genius should be rewarded. She says that the peeps at the Kinkos on Front street prolly hate her. For good reason, you don't get those perfect blacks by being nice.

Cold Dog Book & Night Swim, mini
Very nice drawings, nice texture. cody and his consort sat across from the HG table. On Sat they looked bored, so I amused myself by throwing paper airplanes at them. But either the tail wind wasn't accomodating, or my engineering was subpar, and they never made it all the way across. So someone from the CFTB table would have to rescue them. On Sunday I resorted to spit wads (sans spit). He traded with me.

Short "graphic" stories by Peter Kinne, Stanford Alum.
Shared a table with the blackbagging couple. Carefully drawn stories, used a "0" koh-i-noor technigraph pen. We discussed pens. After reading his moral bike tales, I told him he should hook up with Liesa. Some of the paper airplanes were aimed at him, but he never noticed. Or maybe he didn't deign to acknowledge them.

School Rivalry. Stanford VS the Academy. I daresay, the dear Academy was way more represented at APE. Take that! You Big Shaft Intellectual SNOBS!!

Tiny folding pamphlet "the Boxer Press Story"
i think its from the Center for the book table. Seems to be an ad for a Tarot deck. The ladies of the CFTB were all very well-dressed, with cat-eye-glasses, black corsets and starched white shirts. They gave me a cupcake and I led the aisle in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday. They had beautiful handmade stuff, so nice I couldn't suggest a trade.

postcard from "karen leslie ficke"
from the table from the dude who works at Accent Arts, Robert. he was nattily attired in a grey suit. He sells me the goat books. yay.

pamphlet, "what is the Stiff'
sketchy manga style ad. No memory of why or how I got this.

APE-CON guide. Favorite booths marked with silver sharpie. HG is mentioned on page 46.

"Your Name Here" the zine from the Cartoonists Conspiracy. Doc Popular himself passed this to me at the Last Gasp party on Friday night. I think we were in standing in the Circus Freak wing when I insisted that I had contributed panels. I pointed them out and then he had to give me a copy. I made a crass joke about the yellow arrow on his tie. Later at Dylan's Pub, Wobbly signed all the panels he drew.

APE 05 badge.
I drew a black bald man head over the ape logo. its a little dog-eared from use.

Ad for the Comic Book Convention Costume Contest
given me by a blond woman who was dressed as Morticia. I don't have plans to go.

Scrap of paper that has the word "synapism" on it.
A woman from DC was attracted to the Vertiginous Depths sign. She didn't know what it meant. I enlightened her. She said her favorite word was "synapism" which means spreading a mustard base. She was envious of the Unabridged OED parties we have in the moutains. (ed. note, I looked it up, its spelled sinapism, n., and it has to do with applying a mustard plaster for medicinal purposes)

Little Gloomy.
met Landry and Eric at the SCOOE comics-for-librarians gathering last fall. Landry has the most adorable head. Strange to have the overlap from the World of Ed and Ape.

No. by Ken Dahl
Hmm. memory is vague here. was he bald, perhaps? Has a male urination scene. Was this what my mother was worried about?

An Amazing Adventure of Bill: Bill and the Monster Under the Bed.
Bill is bald. Bill is also tall. Bill is followed by a Little Man(?) who has spikes coming out of his(?) lips and a coffin backpack (making flirtation difficult and pointless). Bill has silver finger nails. Bill also publishes Bill's Bi-Annual Newsletter. Headlines include "Bill Cheats Death (again!)" I also got a biz card that says "the bearer of this card is... a member of the Bill Roundy Fan Club."

"Jane's World"
From Girl Twirl Comics. her book is about boobs, too. HG spills quite a bit o' ink on that bit of anatomy. Paige is a pro-- her book is professionally printed and has more than one page. Tres slick.

Drunken Master 1,2 +3
kiyoshi not only is beautiful, has a beautiful inky line and a beautiful (+preg) wife, he graduated from HMBHS class of 89! See! Good things come out of the ol' Bay. His table was next to ours, and we envied their astro-turf table covering. I noticed that he went to art school in LA, and his zine has lots of darumas (and other examples of nipponisme) and BUGS! Does he know the H*ster? is it the Mid-90's LA art-influence? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? (ed. note-- the H*ster's art is brimming with nipponisme, BUGS and darumas).

favorite Quote: "Did you think HMBHS was weird?"
damn right, it was.

Strange Pink Mask
The first freebie I picked up on Sat morning

Invincible Summer
a real book from Greg Beans. met the gregster at the Zine fest last fall. Just up and gave me a nice bound copy of IS. Those portlanders are so nice.

Pet Noir postcard.
Discussed the Mauling case with the writer. was invited to a party that i didn't attend.

Postcard of a gigantic brain dripping spino-cerebral fluid on a hapless female victim. Devon was on the other side. His bald compatriot did more drawing than talking.

"something I threw together for APE" by neumie.
thought I neu this guy, but I didn't

My grandmother's funeral by Nick Mullins
Finally had face-time with the nickster. Found his comic in LA in 03. Lives in the flip flop mountains. Very nice man, inspired some sub with his bird drawing characters. Do I owe him royalties? Very thoughtfully drawn with no t and a.

Wrinkled Max's Opera Cafe napkin with "To Cromin, i heart you, love lilli" And a drawing of Blobhead* thinking about the Art Teacher and holding a drawing of the art teacher in his hand. A meta-meta drawing from the Knee-biter. I told you she is a genius. had dinner with the fam sat night to celebrate my mothers birthday.

Jack and Lucky, #1+2
Anthony Hon remembered me from mo's workshops way back in the wild 90's I remembered him as the asian guy who didn't talk and who drew very well. He talks more, now.

I am going to finish this another time. The light is fading and I really need to do my taxes.

* PS Blobhead is a character from another series called the Art Lesson and One of These Days I am going to come out with another issue. Its Happy Goat's Child Friendly Offering. Talk to me about a subscription.

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