Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Watching Days Become Years, Vol 2 By Jeff Levine
I bought volume one in that pivotal moment in fall of 03, and it showed me the acme of autobiographical comic art. On top of that, he spent precious time looking at submarine and e-mailing me wonderful help and answering all my stupid questions over the last year and a half. His book is a shining beacon of hope in the otherwise barren and peurile world of underground comics. And volume 2 is no less fabulous (and it was worth the 18 mo wait). Am I guilty of hyperbole? Maybe. The Jeffman himself deigned to come to my table on Sunday and sign my copy. I found myself gushing so terribly, I probably embarrassed him. I am calm now, really. (and puolet, he's a lefty!)

Can I mention May Avenue here? If it wasn't for Jeff, I would have never considered the muse-like qualities of May Ave. Whether or not I ever get that fabled comic done is another story.

Mr W.
I have a hot late-lunch early dinner date with Mr W this very afternoon! He came to my table on Sat and we talked for quite a while about his project (taking some time off teaching to write an epic action-hero comic) and about the brilliant way the sub is laid out. He teaches college art classes at a local University.


The Closet of Anxieties Includes the IRS
I did my taxes yesterday and dropped them in the mail last night. Somehow watching the little envelopes fall into the mail box did not give me any relief. What if I didn't put enough postage on them? Why do I owe so much money to the state? How do they figure that I owed THREE DOLLARS in penalties? I had the choice of paying it now, or leaving it up to the BOE to bill me. I accidentally said that my quarterlies were $53 when they were really $54 and I couldn't find the page where I entered them wrong. Are they going to come after me? Is it worth working for Big Shaft if for a $600 gig, I get charged $200 in taxes? Is there any point? Should I work for them again? how come the Computer rejected my e-file? is it the fault of the Evil Router? Did I do it wrong? I felt so archaic signing my returns and writing the check. Will they even now what to do with them?

I was comforted by the fact that just about every adult is going through this, or has already gone through it. Then I thought about my Uncle Palomar and his social security checks. I hope he has to pay taxes on them. That would be justice.

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