Friday, April 1, 2005

Last night I eschewed technology natterings and picked up another movie with the Contessa.

Feature presentation: I [heart] Huckabees.

I am surprised a movie that cool actually made it to the screens. It was as thought provoking as a drive with the Amazing Mrs S. (whom I have been missing, since class isn't in session for her, this Holy Week). It was exciting watching the nihilists, the materialists, the radical environmentalists, the platonists, the beauty-worshippers, the pragmatists and the american christians duke it out. A truck-pull for the philosophical crowd.

Wow, and the hair was incredibly bad. Did anybody wash it, or was it something the directors did on purpose, like Zeferelli and his scanky period actors?

I was a bit dismayed by their portrayal of christians. The scary thing is, that I have known people like that (mostly in Redding). So they are out there. Its just sad that it had to be so right on. What am I saying? We're not all like that!

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