Thursday, April 14, 2005

Passover is Cramping My Style

This is a silly post (well, most of my posts have an element of the absurd, I just didn't want you to think this is a serious post, but its absolutley true, all of it)

1) making plans with NY a couple of weeks ago, we discussed his coming the weekend of the 23, but he nixed it when he realized it was passover.

2) making plans with Mr W, he also couldn't hang over the weekend of the 23 (he'll be with his mom in East)

3) RIGHT NOW, trying to order film on the 'net and there is this little disclaimer saying that they won't be shipping starting at sundown on the 22nd. Hopefully my gentile order will get in before that.

I find it magical and amazing that an event that happened thousands of years ago, when God directly touched history, is now directly affecting me.

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