Friday, April 15, 2005

This was in my inbox this morning.



  We spoke briefly at the arse-end of A.P.E.  I was the boy who kept following Bill Roundy around.  You mentioned your interest in men who are shorn of their hair and handed me a copy of Misc.  I read it later and thought it was funny.

  So a) I should get yr mailin' addy and send a copy of _From the Inside Out_, Manic D Press, which contains a story I wrote, and,

 b) ponder the idea of working on a book together?  I have a few narratives I'd like to make into a graphic nov. The genre is mostly gay boy erotica.  Since you're an art teacher, I dunno if you have to worry about your reputation with regard to such things.  Or use pseudonym?  Anyway I wanted to throw that out there.



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