Wednesday, April 27, 2005

yo yo

stilllifewithciggies, originally uploaded by camille94019.

This drawing has nothing to do with today or the rain, but the thought of putting up a posting with out a picture is kinda depressing.

If I had an interesting picture of yo-yo's...
I was looking at Wobbly's blog to see if he had any images of his comic up (he did) and he had links to Doc Popular's website ( who also participated in 24 hr day and I looked at it for the first time. And he had a fabulous video of one of his performances. I never quite believed him when he told me he was a professional yo-yo performer. Its like ballet...


I was delivering art to one of the first grade classes and this little kid was doing yo yo tricks for show-and-tell. The funny thing was that he was mostly hidden behind a desk, so you could only see him looking down and the string stretched taut and disappearing. all the other kids were trying to see what was happening.

what does it all mean?

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