Monday, May 30, 2005

Blogging Oh So Fastly

So far its been a restful weekend. The M*ster's poetry slam last night was fantastic. Poetry really needs to be live, not dead on a page. Her Pope poem rocked. I had heard her practicing all weekend, but when she read it in front of everyone, it was so vibrant. I have rarely lifted pen to paper to write poetry, but... hm...

She also braved the Evil LinkSys people to figure out how to get the Evil Router to work again. I was ready to throw it away and buy a different brand. she actually was able to get through to their people in Singapore (gotta love that outsourcing). I have never had the patience to deal with the singaporians.

Its nearly noon. Shall I clean my room (it smells worse today... i "cleaned* the window sills yesterday and now it smells. There is patently less grime, why does it smell worse? Argh. It would be easier to relocate to Lulu's to draw.

draw draw draw.

I journaled this morning... but it was lame. All this negativity was pouring out on the page. I was realizing how bitter I was. I'd rather not be bitter. How does one get rid of bitterness? Its like the funk in my room. Maybe I should clean my room and that will somehow help me release the bitterness.

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