Monday, May 30, 2005

Don't Use the Toilet

we have internet here at 327, but no sewer. I guess we just can't have everything at once.

just got back from an invigorating world-discovering jaunt down May Ave. Maybe I'll post those pix next month.

Reality Check

I was going to apply to SJSU this morning. I discovered everything was due today. After days of mucking around on their website, I finally discovered the difinitive webpage. And today was the annual Deadline. The sun is setting and I am no closer to applying. Turns out I missed February's Review and a host of other things (like letters of recommendation and transcripts). So, Lord willing, I'll apply for Fall of 06. I had no idea how disappointed I'd be. I was so looking forward to doing something new next Fall. I can still do something new next fall, but what?

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