Friday, May 27, 2005

Free Craft for the Kids!

completebaldtorso, originally uploaded by camille94019.

This time you benefit from the Kitchen Table Art! Make your own baldman puppet.

Its So Easy

color printer
heavy, glossy cover stock
brass brads (8) 1/4"
hole punch
tape (I use masking)
drinking straw

1) click on the image. It will take you to the image's private little page.
2) click on the button above the image that says "all sizes"
3) depending on your computer, chose a size. I uploaded an extra large file size so none of the lush details would get lost.
4) If you have a mac, just drag it to your desk top, for the PC user, right click and chose "download"
5) Its a JPEG, so mac users can open it up in preview and print it (every computer is different)
6) the rest of the directions are incorporated into the image.
7) You can also tape a straw to his back so he can walk and fly on his "own."
8) name him and give him some pretend problems and you can have the thrill of helping him work through them. Or you can tell him all the things you'd like to tell your SO, but can't. You can yell at him and he won't hit back (unless you want him to). He can ask you for directions, he can cry, he can be very vulnerable and "open." Since he's all digitized, you can make a whole army if you want, give him as gifts to your friends and family. You can use your imagination and accessorize him. You can get together with your friends and have little bald man tea parties.

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