Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Getting the Schmooze On

So I schmoozed over-the hill and while not probably the most ideal activity for a recovering sicky, it did wonders for my attidude. Lots of people are looking for teaching artists. yay! Things aren't as grim as they appear. Woo hoo.

the fun counts (er, mebbe not so fun counts)

mariachi bands 1
cookies, at least a half dozen
business cards collected 5
business cards given 1
resumes passed 1
dead kittens on side of freeway 1 :(
accidents 6 :(
coppers at least 15 (including sheriffs and CHP)
ambulances 3 :(
fire trucks 2 :(
potty stops 1 (and the portosan was LOCKED! grrrr)
people in stretchers 1 :(
miles travelled 75
kinds of weather 3 (overcast, raining, sunny+hot)
bald men 1

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