Monday, May 16, 2005

Kidneyer kidneyo kidneyas kidneya kidneyamos kidneyais kidneyan

La la la

My naturepath said the a-word.

There is bad news.

Went in to the doctor and said my back was hurting. She was suitably alarmed. She apologized. and sent me to get some more urinalysis "stat" I politely asked for some antibiotics. Well, she said, we're working on it. We have to find out which bacteria it is. Its prolly e-coli.

So when they get that done, then maybe its time for antibiotics. But then she revealed that she may not be able to prescribe them, she is in the process of gettin something done with her certification.

(WHAT! I am screaming in my mind! this nice lady can't give out antibiotics? I thought she was a doctor!)

I went to the lab and dutifully pee'd for them.

Just got a call from the receptionista and the lab claims I didn't give them my pee. I did! How many places can you walk in and say "I need urinalysis" and without blinking they give you a cup and direct you to the bathroom? I am sure I was at the lab. The stanford lab, the one on the left. Otherwise that was one powerful hallucination.

I can give them more. I have an endless supply.

There is good news. "Your bladder is no longer harboring pathogens." yay. That prayer was answered (but not the one to keep the buggers out of my kidneys) [sigh]

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