Friday, May 13, 2005

Postcards from Limbo

ball and chain, originally uploaded by camille94019.

TIme has stopped, here in LA. Lunch is over and I am feeling like an 8 year old, staring at the clock, willing the minute hand to move faster. There are all sorts of things I should be doing, every place except here. And I am not entirely sure what I should be doing here. I could be cleaning my room and bathroom at home, I could be xeroxing comix for the little boys, I could be drawing at a coffee shop, I could be sitting on the beach, I could be looking for a job, writing letters, putting laundry away, researching Cambodia, sorting my socks, folding, collating, stuffing, selling, stapling, mailing the 24 hour comic, I could be working on the next sub, I could be pitching ideas to publishers, i could be "resting" and "taking care of myself' I could be tormenting the cat, I could be walking on May Ave, I could be putting pictures in albums, I could be sewing rubber, i could be getting ready for the 30 kids who are going to be arriving at class if 5 minutes!!!

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