Tuesday, May 17, 2005

the scene is grim... the crumpled, lifeless bodies of the forces of E. Coli litter the canals and stagnant pools. The carrion birds circle over the dead and dying. Blackened pits of ash smoulder, a testament to the conflagrations of the fierce battle of the night before.

A hord of ameoba-like antibodies slide in, devouring the piles of the wounded and dying. The little nephrons return to their endless filtering duties. The tap turns on again, flooding the valley. The chemical offensive arrived just as the E Coli were about to take the kidney completely. Swollen to twice its normal size, and hot enough to fry an egg on, the bacteriums had established a firm foothold and were in the process of renaming the roads and installing a puppet government. Just as the body was making plans to jettison the poor, embattled lil' organ, the blessed poison gasses poured in. Turning the tide of the battle and giving victory to the home defenders! yay!

That was the best 24 bucks I have ever spent.

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