Monday, May 16, 2005

Since I have been spending so much quality time in my bed lately, I have had the pleasure of rereading all of my favorite zines and comics.

I finished Nicole Georges' Invincible Summer last night. I really like her dog drawings. Makes me miss H.

Rereading Jeff LeVine's It felt fine just to lose series. I can almost here his voice in my head. and the drawings of San Francisco, priceless. (and the drawings of the streets and the his computer and the doorknobs and the piles of laundry)

and especially KOAK's Missing Kisses. She draws nifty bald men (always a plus) and I really loved the line, "you're sobbing so hard it puts the streetlights out/ you're a mess for the stubble faceburn." I wouldn't know anything about stubble faceburn, or sobbing, for that matter. I like how she weaves text and images together. There is only 12 pages, and every time I read it, I find something new. I think I am going to put her link on my sidebar, for your viewing pleasure.

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