Sunday, May 15, 2005

the unwell report

seven phone calls later and Monday is cancelled.

the two advil have taken the edge off the pain. I can breath normally now and sit long enough to type. I certainly can't draw. Nothing else to do, except feel miserable and try to keep drinking water. at least with the flu, there is a definite time-frame. with this, its anyone's guess. I am running out of things to read.

I am almost out of cranberry juice. 2 gallons in 4 days (and a lot of good its done)

I am trying to mine this experience for some redeeming life lessons, but beyond the obvious one, i ain't getting anything except maybe a life lived in absolute celibacy isn't such a bad thing. Where'd I put that wimple?

I am so sick of staring at my nalgene, that i actually took of the offensive sticker. I don't think anyone is going to steal it.

One last lame attempt at the glad game. (and H, I am sure there is a street in Sacto named after it)

-I am not dying (but I imagine this is what torture feels like)
-my roomies have given me lots of love today. (and soothing third chakra oil)
-I don't have to get ready for church
-I am taking tomorrow off and I am going to sleep in!
-If this goes on long enough, i can get social security.
-the house is empty, no one has to see my swollen puffy eyes
-the echinacea I am taking is really potent, its massacred my intestinal bacteria thoroughly. Good riddance, i say! Who needs 'em!
-so far the buggers have avoided my kidneys! yay!
-I am way more sensitive to others' pain now. In the future, when people talk about their pain, all i have to do is think of this, and a heartfelt "ooh, that sucks" will come out of my mouth.
-as a wise teacher once said, "its material" Maybe a rash of bladder infections attack the poor, helpless submariners.

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