Saturday, June 4, 2005

area closed

area closed, originally uploaded by camille94019.

Spent way too much time mucking about on flickr this afternoon. The sun is out! The weather is perfect! I shouldn't be hunched like a gnome in front of the computer. I already pissed of a flickrite. I committed the unforgiveable sin of posting pictures of plain old signs in the "street signs and plaques" group. Oops. These people are hardcore. Within 5 minutes there was a little nastygram in my mailbox politely informing me that another group (the signage folks) would appreciate my contributions more. Whatever. I took my proverbial ball and went home. Unfortunately, i haven't figured out how to remove my offending pictures yet. (gawd, they were the only color on that page!!). I am sure the street sign nazi will let me know how if I ask. Maybe I am being ureasonable, but isn't that taking this a little too far? I guess its human nature to protect one's little domain, even if it is the "street sign" club.

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