Wednesday, June 29, 2005

a full stomach makes a less than thrilling topic

the poet
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I don't think I should blog on a full stomach. It makes me think of things like...

sushi-- the sushi I had wasn't so fresh, but then it wasn't not-fresh, neither. It was just sort a starchy. and now its sitting like a boring lump in my stomach.

all the other things I should be doing right now. (hey! I made another gig-proposal for August! I DID do something! Oh, and one of my july gigs was cancelled... so sad, there goes rent) ( I need to clean my room so I can make rubber things)

the temptation to drown my ennui with alcohol is great. Its too late to call NY. But he would be a good one to drunk-dial. he he.

Is this boredom!? I haven't felt this way in a long time. It really is time to clean my room.

must stay away from the kitchen, must stay sober! must, must clean room!

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