Thursday, June 30, 2005

my blog is doing funny things

is your computer displaying a long empty space between the heading and the image? Or is it just me? I tried playing with flickr, and now its just a small pic, and lots of space.

Schrodinger's Checkbook
I just finished balancing my checkbook. Ugh. It took hours. I double checked my arithmatic and it didn't account for the discrepancies. What gives? Why is balancing a checkbook so hard? Is there something wrong with me? Do other people do it effortlessly every month? Who do I believe? Me or the bank? If I believe me, then I am calling the bank a liar. If I believe the bank, then who knows if some random check I wrote last millenia doesn't come and ruin my little house of cards. Or does everyone just give up at some point? Is it really a quantum thing? I can only know my account number OR the current balance at any given moment. If I look to hard, the numbers start jumping around. Do I just have to accept that I'll never know the balance? Is it a question of zen? How do I know I wrote things down correctly? I don't know that I don't know, or that I do know. There is no such thing as know.

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