Saturday, July 2, 2005

Electric Monkey Snake, we need you

Up close and personal with the electric monkey snake
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Yup, flowing issues are plagueing us here. landlords won't return call. not sure if I dare to do some laundry.


went to the bargain barn in search of stuff for Cambodia. I had thought that cotton was discouraged, but I just found out, that its actually encouraged. damn. Now I have a complete Polyester Wardrobe, lucky me.

for 9.60, USD
1 checkered red/white tablecloth (so we can be all mange with our italian food!)
2 yards of tweedy wool (for that wool motorcycle jacket I am going to make-- a la commes des garcons)
1 vintage pendleton coat, nearly mint
1 vintage polyester dress
2 linen shirts
2 sleeveless tops
1 cool talbots wraparound skirt

at the goodwill
13, USD
1 bio of Dorothy Sayers
polyester capri exercize pants
1 light windbreaker, vintage 80's

at Ross, 20 bucks
1 pair of exercize pants, long
semi-ugly, loose, comfortable rayon dress.

I wanted to buy 2 beautiful dresses... they fit, they made me look beautiful. My heart longs for them. I didn't have a girlfriend to help me out. I didn't buy them . :(

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