Friday, June 17, 2005

I am on hold right now with the Evil Router People. I have been put on hold about four times, I had a battery run out on a cordless phone (and thus starting the process over because Rod-of-Manila, while being a nice man, couldn't actually make a call, nor could he receive one directly), I am listening to their annoying hold music. This is the end... i want to return the device and get a refund. I found out I could exchange it for a new one... but when I told them I didn't want another.. they put me on hold again. I have talked to about four or five people.. I lost track.. some conversations were brief (oh, you want our other department).

Update. Still on hold, I got another case number. I am getting transfered again to the tech people. I am starting to lose my cool. i get different stories from everyone I speak to. This is why we call them Evil. I feel like I am in a Dilbert strip. Can't get a router, can't get health insurance.

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