Thursday, June 16, 2005

gratuitious health non-insurance update.

I am including this because its so utterly ridiculous, not because I am particularly bitter. Well, maybe I am. A little.

The rate for the MRMIB coverage for my age bracket is 325/month. And there is a waiting list. So even if I did qualify, I wouldn't get it immediately.

Hmm, this is so weird. I was rejected because of my recent kidney infection (which, BTW, I am officially over, woo hoo). I lost two days of work and I went to the doctor once (spent a total of 185 dollars, for tests and medicine and her time). I could have a kidney infection once a month and still have change to spare. I'd really be ahead if I could have my monthly kidney infection on the weekend, then I wouldn't miss work.

This is sucks for me, but I really feel sorry for the californians who are really ill. That would be terrible on a lot of other levels, besides physical discomfort. Do they get social security? I realize this isn't a welfare state, and that everyone has to pay for services. But what is the point when they are not affordable?

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