Saturday, June 25, 2005

I must be invisible.

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I accomplished some things today (because it seems like I haven't). Well, 2 things. I bought groceries. Yup, a big deal. My accountant has had a nervous breakdown and she was rocking in the corner, refusing to speak and she had my wallet clutched to her chest. She bites. I was afraid to touch her. She complained of hunger... when she rubbed her tummy, I made my move, but her grip was so tight, we tussled for a while. I told her we really needed food to function. She relented when I told her the lack of vegetables and protein would make her sick, and require an expensive trip to the doctors. That did it. She begrudgingly passed the wallet to me.

Thing 2. The silver bullet blew a signal light. I have known for a long time. My accountant was dragging her heals. I had to explain that getting pulled over by the CHP would be No Fun. I went to Kragen's. I wasn't sure what kind to get, so I extracted my burnt out one. I had no luck getting any help. I finally accosted the cashier. He grunted a number. I found it. I felt so handy installing it. I read the manual. My dad would be so proud.

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