Friday, June 24, 2005

My car is in the shop

My car is in the shop to have a recall notice thing taken care of. Its the first time I have been back to the dealership since I bought the car (barring the one visit to take H). They are all so nice and pro. Fortunately, its free. I am scared they are going to notice other things that need to be taken care of. It was running when I brought it to them. I just hope they get it done on time.

I just uploaded another batch of photos.

I had a great time in the city with B- yesterday. I arrived in the Mission at 4, but our rendezvous wasn't till 6:30. So I took that time to work up an enourmous appetite by wandering around taking pictures and trying to stay out of trouble. I explored a few blocks and was delighted by the density of cafes, bookstores, galleries, mod-style-house-ware-fashion-hand-crafted-tchotcke-stores (like urban outfitters for the uber cool). While I was waiting for B- at 16th and Valencia, I got shat on by a bird, and then a few minutes later (I didn't see him becuase I was trying to mop myself up) he walked up to me.

b-: aren't we supposed to meet on friday?
c: don't hug me, I am covered with bird sh*t!
(he hugs me anyways, what a guy)
b-: how serendipitous! I just happened to be on my way to my girlfriend's.
(he helped me finish cleaning up).

we ended up bar hopping until he got a call from a friend who offered him a job for that evening. I just drank water, the thought of letting the alcohol knock me out in time for the 2 hour road trip back home, was enough of a deterrent.

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