Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Mundane descent into madness.

bald bald sexiness, originally uploaded by camille94019.

Is it really tuesday? For some reason things don't seem quite normal. I am sitting here, in a mess of papers, duct tape, PVA glue and my trusty exacto knife. I spent the day packing up a worksite, abusing my body with cookies, and killing an afternoon in DT Muttonham. I saw the H*ster at a meeting and for some inexplicable reason I rubbed my head on her arm instead of giving her a hug (my arms were full). In retrospect, that seems really odd, tho' at the time, it seemed perfectly normal. Sorry, H.

more camera madness. I put one of my little lomolitos disposable cameras under the knife today. The poor thing, its recovering right now on top of the scanner. Maybe next month I'll post the pictures. (vignette, vignette...)

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