Tuesday, July 5, 2005

28 Hours in Bear Town

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I went up to Bear Town for the grill, but I got so much more.

Which Traffic Circle?

Hour 1.. hanging out in the wrong park. Spent a few minutes at a BBQ with a group of sullen college students. The nice one I did talk to was from Flip Flop. A scary girl with three lip piercings announced that she didn't know who I was and therefore didn't belong there. Her boyfriend clearly didn't share her xenophobia. He was very helpful and offered me a half-eated burger and driving directions to the right park. Eat your heart out, little girl!

Hour 2 Located the correct park. Fan Boy hailed me from the grill, otherwise I would have walked on by. This was a middle-aged group of old gamers, SCA groupies, and various other geeks. Monty Python lines peppered their speech, and one of the couples sported a victorian costume. The big hairy men hit the pinata with a medieval mace. A friendly man in a fedora gave me snapple. he said that I should beware, but I thought he was kidding. When I asked him why the pink lemonade tasted like coconut, he laughed. I had the feeling of being the butt of a joke in junior high. When he realized I honestly didn't know what was going on, he was apologetic. To show him all was forgiven, I had another one. By that time, I was very happy.

Impersonating a Vegetarian
Hour Three, chatting with the lemonade man about roman history and word derivations. Seems like I might have been the only one there sans advanced degrees. When I pulled out my vegetables (I LOVE grilled peppers and corn-- you can have meat any time), I let the nice vegetarians think I was a veggie, so they gave me a nice chix burger.

the party relocated to a huge rock, where we all sat down to watch the various firework shows all over the bay area. someone leaned on Fan Boy and in return gave us a brownie, hot from the oven. Didn't see many big fireworks, since we were on the south side of the rock. Tried taking pinhole pictures. We'll see how they turn out. The sunset through the haze of overcast was quite lovely, we had a sustained green flash over the City.

Crashed at FB's Bachelor Pad.

Fatapple's and Funkarobics at the Y
What can I say? Gorge oneself on pumpkin pancakes and garlicky egg scramble of Fatapple's then funk it out at the Y. I have some new "hip" moves to try out on the dance floor. Wrapped up the delightfully endless afternoon with a trip the library (for reference) and a story (I love hanging out with writers, he read me a story hot of the proverbial press). Had a delish dinner at a hole-in-the-wall chinese place around the corner.

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