Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Kicking it at the Boardwalk

derriers, originally uploaded by camille94019.

Met one of my tutorees at the boardwalk this afternoon for two hours of pedagogy and and sun. I nearly drove back home in frustration, after pouring a handful of dimes and nickels into a parking meter that only took dollar coins and quarters. I tried to turn left on a one way street, too, and some retarded Valley thought it would help if he swore at me. Since when has abuse prevented any accidents?

My student did an excellent pen drawing of the Coconut Grove. There had been some confusion about where the "beach entrance of the Coconut Grove" but I eventually found them. Her mother's flaming red hat helped.

While we drew, we had a lively conversation about the freaks and weirdos who surrounded us. Quite a few enourmously fat people (hey, as a former fat person, i can use the term "fat," so there) caught our artists' eyes. Ah, the ever entertaining human drama.

Now I am at home, trying to cool off, and get hydrated again. Does beer count?

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