Thursday, July 7, 2005

Hanging out at the Ancestral Manse

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The Knee-biter was in fine form this afternoon. She is grimacing at me as I speak. We got in a big fight over words. I wanted to expand her vocabulary. Then she got all recalcitrant on me and started scratching my arms. I have the care bear bandaids to prove it. I had no

In the words of the KB--
I want to be called gracie... Knee-biter is mean. Call me "gracie"

How do you erase this? The whole letter is wrong.

(we tustled over the keyboard)

I am mad at my sister because she is evil.

C:what happened this afternoon

G:she was being very mean to me. AND she made me sit in my room and cry. Because you kept doing stuff that wasn't for summer vacation, it was for the school year.

C; and what was that?

G: she was teaching words that I probably won't learn until junior high.

C:and sorts of words are those?

G: those sorts of words were like advetism. (giggles)
wait... back over on advetism... is that even a word? Not ON THE LETTER! In real life!

like discouraged! no wait

I'll send you to your room if you don't stop!

you are typing everything i say.

C:so say something intelligent. Tell me about the words you learned.

G: ok, enough of that! Glooming. it means like its twilight, like when the sun comes up in the morning.

(nb, she means "gloaming")

C:how about another word you learned? What about "kvetch"?

G: I won't tell you, either. Because I keep this private. Because Camille hurt me feelings.

C: because you scratched me!

G: and then you made me cry! and I know that.

C: Humour me, one more word.

G: that wasn't a word... none of the words were "humouring me"

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