Tuesday, July 12, 2005

writing from the Tokyo Narita Airport. I regret to inform my dear readers that things have been going quite smoothly... no pratfalls or embarassing international incidents to report.

We are on a long layover (a couple of hours) here in tokyo, (a couple of hours) unfortuntaly, not enough time to enjoy hours) unfortuntaly, not enough time to enjoy the city. Next time, Tokyo, I:ll be back. Here at a free Yahoo Internet Cafe. Why don:t we have these in the States? Some really weird thing are happening in the text box as I write, so if thi is all garbled, it not because I am high or drugged. The computer in:t used to these wack roman characters.
My first impression of the airport reminded me strongly of being at the Kinukuniya bookstore, located in Japantown, in SF. But its a whole airport of kinukunyaisms. The white people that Ihave seen all seem to be british. Am having the impression of being american for the first time in my life. Maybe because it the first time I haven:t been within spitting distance of the states. Somehow I feel like apologizing and spreading as much goodwill around as I can. On the otherhand, its comforting to know that the United States is behind me, a know that the United States is behind me, a behomoth of money and (this thing is so %&Y'&$$weird!) er, I am not so %&Y'&$$weird!) er, I am not sure where I am going with this.

Nikki has been super to travel with, nothing seems to ruffle her and she generally poo-poos the well meaning travel advice people have been showering me with of late.  She doesn:tseeme to suffer from any sorts of phobias and it very comforting. She makes international travel seem like no big deal.

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