Saturday, August 27, 2005

More CL shenanigans

I am on the phone right now with Currer. he's leading a bunch of besotted law school students in merry rounds of christmas carols. I somehow missed the Sat night fun boat and so I decided to live vicariously through my friends in later time zones. I feel like I am listening to an old yuletide radio play. They are singing adeste fideles (in latin, of course, its one of those law schools) in perfect three part harmony. Those wacky michegonians. I think the next 327 party should include evening wear and christmas carols in latin. Maybe that would discourage scary underage party crashers.

Its been a quiet evening, I even called [gasp] NY (oh why oh why). he's been going on CL dates as well. He complained that only "dowdy, unattractive women" were replying to his ad. I gave him some fake sympathy. He didn't see the irony.


Successful,non-yuppie guy seeks attractive,successful+confident woman - 29
Reply to:
Date: 2005-08-27, 9:00PM EDT

Successful,non-yuppie guy seeks attractive,successful+confident woman 28-36.

Looking for a NON-smoking woman who is AMAZING. 28-36 years old. Mutual attraction and chemistry are CRITICAL, and a good heart and a killer sense of humor go just as far as good looks. Also, please have a job that you are satisfied with. I prefer a woman who is poor and happy over rich and miserable – I guess if I HAD to, I’d settle for rich and happy, though.


I asked him why he made a point of being "non-yuppie" He said he was hoping to attract earthy, hippy women by being non-yuppie. He speculated that there were probably 5 in New York. For some reason I can't imagine him with a hippy woman. Pondering... pondering, but just not seeing it. I could see him as a character on Sex in the City. Somehow that is as far as my imagination will take me. He said he's gone on three dates this week. And he has a few more for next week. That man gets around.

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