Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Pastoral Pompadour
Ancestral Manse, South of Devil's Slide, 19:22

This is the Lord's Day, so the family (minus the C-Sister) piled into the Fam-Chev and motored over the Hill to the Highlands for worship. I was shocked and horrified that their pastor changed his hair! He had it combed flat! "Mother!" I exclaimed, "where is his pompadour!" She did not know. Previously our churches had the PP and Jesus Christ in common, now they just share Jesus Christ.

I haven't lost a sister, I've gained a brother-in-law
Milpitas, Saturday, 14:00

Despite strong parental protestations last month, the C-sister tied the knot with Mr H. My dad registered his approval a mere three weeks ago and now declares that his new son-in-law is a "good man." The ceremony was small, no groomsmen, bridesmaides, dry chicken dinner, grandparents, doves, alcohol, rice, professional photographers, Chicken Dance, ABBA, Hokey Pokey or DJ's. Love, crazy and sane relatives in abundance, coworkers, little kids, cute flower girls, bubbles, liturgical communion (with real transubstantiation, no less! Can you be a vegetarian and take Lutheran communion?), family, friends and cheesecake made the occasion memorable. Yours truly was fingered to make the photographic record, and I had a lot of fun shimying on my hands and knees at the foot of the altar getting that "perfect shot" (with God's Own Light-- I leave flash photography to the masses of talentless amatuers) and trying to be "inconspicuous". Ha Ha.


Immediately after the service my Cool Uncle JPL (not one of the Tios Locos) declared to me that a "Photographer stops at nothing to get the good shot. Pushing through all obstacles, social conventions and physical barriers!!" I wasn't sure if he was giving me compliment or a command. I ran out of film right as they were kissing! (doh!) Fortunately, I cleverly had them recreate the moment afterwards. They were happy to oblige. No one has to know, unless J* tell them. Well, ya get what ya pay for! I was channeling NY as I told people they were "beautiful," and had them take a "tiny step to the right." Then there was the quest for the "perfect light." Unfortunately, we were fur fur away from the sweet blanket of God's Own Liquid Diffuser. We had harsh valley sunlight. Urg. I did my best, cropping the handicap parking signs and the garbage cans from the shots. Wow, it was work! I was running all over the place like a lunatic! I didn't even get to have cake until the very end!

The Uncles and Aunts Locos did nothing worthy of note. In retropect, that is a good thing. My sisters both were lovely and poised. It was a lovely wedding.

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