Tuesday, August 9, 2005

things are quiet here at the house. I am trying to get my internet time in before anyone comes home.

Checking e-mail has been like opening up Polyanna's proverbial "missionary barrel." Or Forrest Gump's box of chocolates. Since the CL ad. Goodness. It does such good things to my mojo. More very young Africans and old Egyptians. At first my inner anti-racist police were wigging out, but really, its been an age thing more than anything. I think there are economical considerations sneaking around under my radar. (classist!) There are so many nice guys, too. Even heard from a bald one. He hasn't returned my e-mail though. A cool photographer wrote, too.

And then there was Christian Mingle. The celestial one led me down the paths of CM. Woah! I just found a bald gentleman (the right age!), he looks like a monk, and he's in the military and he's about to be shipped to Japan. [sigh] Men should not be allowed to look that good. He has a pointy head and he's wearing glasses! God help me! Am I shallow?

I'd love to include his picture, but I think that might be, I dunno, inappropriate? (besides, my HTML skills suck worse than my french)

Somehow I feel contented. I let out my cosmic "yop" and got a response, and now I can slide back into my blissed out complacency. I have done my duty. If anyone wants me, they know where to find me.

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