Saturday, August 27, 2005

Round 2 of the CL dates

In an hour or so, I am going to meet D at Lulu's. I just finished cleaning the bathroom-- I have found that a strict regimen of cleaning before a blind date does wonders for one's sense of grounding and mojo. After conquering piles of hair in the drain and banishing water spots out of the tub, facing a real man in a coffee shop seems like cake. I think I am going to work in my room for a little-- its a sty.

D is a christian accountant from the City. What is it with City Men? (H is also a City Man) Are they the only ones who peruse the personals of CL? You'd think with all those people in close proximity, it would be easy to connect. Or is it just too overwhelming.

The latest issue of Fuzzy Lunchbox (the Zinester Twins' inimitable publication) has a fabulous rant about Dating in Flip Flop. Not that I am as nearly as pessimistic about the local manpool, but I could certainly relate. Last time I was in Streetlight, they had 1 copy left. Of course their idea of going on a manhunt, is putting on their fishnets and hanging out at the Asti. Of course, that might not be a bad idea. :P If they were online, I'd totally put a link to their zine, but alas, they are about as unwired as I am.

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