Thursday, September 1, 2005

Carrot Juice Seas and Chocolate Boats

I visited my grandparents today at their care home. My grandfather was delighted to see me. He was even more delighted by the carrot juice (it will make me stronger!). My grandmother held my hand under the table as we ate our tuna sandwiches. I have been processing my day with El Tio Normal for a while now. I was wondering how my grandfather was going to redeem himself. In his case, senility is a gift. I have never seen him so happy. He was really excited about a huge book of collected Little Orphan Annie comic strips (it must run in the family). I suspect he read it as a child. My grandmother rolled her eyes when he went on about LOA. He gave me a big hug and a sloppy kiss. He was silly like a little kid. He asked me if I knew the name of the sunflowers on the table. Roses? I guessed. Oh no, try again. He smiled. Tulips? No no, these flowers like the SUN. Oh, I said, could it possibly be sunflowers? He beamed.

God is Good. Life might kick your mother in the face, but somehow its all okay.

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