Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I want to Cry With Frustration

I have missed the boat on two work opportunites this week. The first one, on monday, I heard my boss's voice saying she was looking for a teacher for a class wilst deep in flickrland. I was at the faculty computer and she was on the other side of a partition. It just did not register. When I arrived at the meeting 5 minutes later, everyone told me she was looking for me. It turns out she found H first. (I am happy for H)


I checked my messages from my home line twice today at 10 AM and again at 3. It turns out that at 10:30 a woman from San Ho called looking for an art teacher. I don't know what the job was, and likely I will never know. I called her back twice and sent her an e-mail. So far, nothing.

Its taking a huge act of will to refrain from auto-flagellation. So I am going to stop writing now. Does anyone have a beer?

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