Monday, September 19, 2005

In the Mighty Flip Flops

value study, originally uploaded by camille94019.

Part Three: Love


MINE by the right of the white election!
Mine by the royal seal!
Mine by the sign in the scarlet prison
Bars cannot conceal!

Mine, here in vision and in veto!
Mine, by the grave’s repeal
Titled, confirmed,—delirious charter!
Mine, while the ages steal!

--emily dickenson from

I am currently housesitting at another chalet in the upper reaches of the Mighty Flip Flops. I am the human companion for a lovely mutt named "willow" who doesn't like to take her pills (in fact she has trained me to give her a treat after she successfully eats a pill) and is so neurotic that I can't take her on walkies (evidentally, you need to weigh at least 300 lbs and have wrists of steel to anchor her sudden bolts). Other than the exersize in will and psychology, she is good company.

Its quite strange to have an entire house to oneself. I am still coming to grips with the fact I need to leave this solitary and silent retreat and wend my way to work today (its drawing monday!). I cleaned the kitchen this morning and no one is around to mess it up.


Cool Man/Lame Man

Currer and I have been playing phone tag for the last two weeks. He initiated this volley when I came home to a voice message in a male voice that read a stanza from Burnes. I knew it could be only one man on earth. I reciprocated with a ditty I found in the Sayers bio. He called again with some more Burnes, and I replied with some Dickenson. He left another message while I was at church, more burnes and a request for more dickenson. This morning I read his machine the poem above. That is why I love Currer so...beyond being able to identify 19th cent woman poets and his facility with latin-- he's just so smart and funny and flirty. I am sure he was avasting and a-arghing with the best o' them yesterday during the National Speak Like a Pirate Day.

Now it is time for our Annual Lame Man Feature. I got this letter yeaterday from a friendster gent who looks like a young Stephen Hawking (and that is the gentle way of putting it). 29 years old and hails from Milwakee. I had some scruples about the ethicality of posting this, but since I am not sharing his name, and I intend to write him off gently-- I figured, it prolly won't matter.

NB-- the art of mine he's referring to is what I posted on my friendster profile... last year's "glam" self portraits (can't seem to delete anything) and some random flickr pics. His art consisted of big-boobed hack-anime digitally drawn women and self-aggrandizing portraits in the same style. I am not passing judgement, I am just sharing.


Sunday, September 18, 2005 11:09:00 PM

Subject: Well. Miss Camille, you are an interesting artist:)

Message: And an Aries Rabbit to boot. Finally someone my
age making use of her artistic talents. Well, I feel
like you and I would make a formidable team--or
frustrated rivals. What is it with the hands?:P
And what of this "Jesus-loving" business? I am
born and raised Catholic, I have a...favorable
relationship with the higher power..but I want to
be open to trusting my gut instinct and be open
to other cultures/religions. I find some of
these "Jesus-loving" people to be so radical and
perhaps brainwashed that they think Catholics
like myself should burn. So I hope you are not
one of these extremists lest I have one more
person to fear or dislike.

May I ask how tall you are and what you know of
astrology? How is it you are frustrated with rent
but succeeding at comics etc? Just reading and
seeing your work, I am ablaze. You give my
flame curiosity. Think we would get along? Sorry,
I am not at all a rich superstar ready to marry
anyone right now:P But perhaps someday.


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