Sunday, September 25, 2005

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I am sitting here, squinting at the screen (I think my glasses are in the bathroom), wearing my pants and my nightgown (the bug to blog bit while I was dressing for bed). Willow is staring at me, think its time to turn in. She's giving me that "I want to be under the bed" look.

Her eyes could bore holes in granit. All right, doggie, I guess that is my cue.

I used to begin my diary entries when I was a kid with the sentence, "nothing happened today" and then I would write about all the things that did happen. But the thing that did happen seem so trivial... spoke to a neighbor and learned how to hold a leash (and to avoid the rabid dalmation that lives on Virginia) went over da hill to a pedegogy conference (and heard a great lecture on ed theory) and ate a lot of free domestic croissants (the tips are always dry). Had dinner with the H family (oooh, good organic homecooked food) and we went to the Rio in their old VW van to watch the Banff Radical Reels (never have I seen such testosterone-drenched cinema) we had no idea what we were going to see. It was truly a Flip Flop evening.

Singleness is a Gift

I had another email from "arden." I have already written twice that I wasn't interested and this time he wrote to tell me what a bitch I am. [sigh] Pretty soon, I am just going to start running away from strange men. I am doomed to be a bitter old woman with only dogs for companionship.

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