Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nothing Happened Today

, originally uploaded by phils_mark.

The leaves have been changing color and the crops are getting harvested. I live next to a corn field that has been picked and now I can see for miles down the little valley I live in.

I took some pictures of some guages in the rain, for you, yesterday.

-an excerpt from an e-mail from phils_mark


Things are rather dry right now. My throat is dry, my imagination is dry. The words don't seem to be coming to my hands as readily as they usually do.

I am going to cop out. I confess, I didn't take this picture. Phils_mark took it. You will rarely see anything I didn't do on this blog. But today I am making an exception. Something about the bales of hay and the pink sky and the yellow corn. In my 1083 pictures, I have nothing that evokes this mood.

I love what he wrote about the harvest and photographing the guages in the rain. It resonates with me.

I am back home from my stints in the Mountains and in Mutton. I don't have to return until next monday.

I wrote a letter to my newest subscriber. He scoured the internet for the Sub, and finally he had to send me a handwritten note with a ring of mine he repaired. I found myself writing a reply with a pencil on an old piece of computer paper that a drawing on the back and I realized its been so long since I actually wrote anything. I tried to explain a little background about the Sub, but I doubt it will make the Sub experience any more lucid. That is what people pay for, the element of mystery (and the good butt-renderings).

Home is good. Ate some oatmeal with the M*ster. She is cleaning her desk right now, and showing me little poems she wrote to Jesus on the back of her check stubs.

I wonder what Willow is up to. I called her parents this morning (just home from Maui) after I left to go to work, to confess that I forgot to take her out to do her "business." Now I wonder, who is being obsessive? I had this terrible vision of the poor dog doing the potty dance and her owners just thinking that she was being neurotic.

I am going to sleep alone tonight. No derhundschleichtvonunterdembettheraus. [sigh]

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