Monday, October 31, 2005

Thank you

My "Cambodia: the Photographic Journey" show went very well.

Mostly because of the spontaneous help of the following people.

The Contessa


She not only transported the "trees" but she read aloud to me while I made them. Transforming a rather onerous task into an experience of aural beauty. She also stayed late to help me put things away, and bought me a beer and tunisian donut at the crepe place. Yum yum.

Mr Eleven


Came to support, stayed to help me pack up. Also enlightened the Contessa and I on the Male Perspective of "The Rules" over our repast at CP. (Doesn't that happen usually? -- in regards to women not calling)

Mi Famiglia

One Last Moment with

They might have been more concerned about it coming off well than I was. Momma brought the best cambodian dish I have eaten outside of cambodia (her version of Loc Lam was quite tasty). In fact, I think it was the promise of food that lured most of the visitors to the show. The Pater helped me arrange the spread. They all supported me. It was quite packed. And the food was gobbled up instantly... I had to actually stop a young man from dumping the entire container of beef into his cup... the nerve!

Liz Cantu

Without Liz's prodding, I would have never volunteered for this.

My Spiritual Leader, Dan, not only delivered a great message during the service, but helped us tear down and regaled us with funny stories about cartoonists.

G* The Tech Man. Mysterious, yet very capable. Figured out how to adjust the aspect ratio of the presentation so the TVs wouldn't eat the left side of the pictures.

Thank you, thank you all.

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