Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm IT

Ariel tagged me.

here is the fourth (and final sentence) of my 23rd blog entry.

It was a perfect day... 70 degrees, sunny, gently breeze... the trees continue to shock me with their crazy greeness.
dated Friday, April 30th, 2004.

As ever, Camille is always inspired by the hymn of the natural world around her. She writes in the spring of 04, a year that passes over her lips with a near pneumatic intake... Ooooh four. Oh, 4. Who was kissing those lips in 04? No one was kissing those lips... and no one is kissing those lips right now, sadly.

Thoughts on the Changing Season Inspired by Blag
She describes a typical California day. It could almost describe today, except change the temp to 60. Now we are celebrating death instead of the "crazy greeness of the trees" and its fall instead of summer. Some trees are bare, others are steadfastly green (love those sempervirens). We only get half an autumn here and lots of persimmons. Speaking of fruit, she ate the first pineapple guava today from her neighbor's bush. It was so sweet and tender, it almost seemed a sin not to share it. Like biting into perfume incarnate. She sought more fruit, but was only able to locate the one. She hopes there are more hiding.

Now you are it

The M*ster
Mike of Earthsea
The Contessa
The H-Person
The Wobbly


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