Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Today was pretty normal. Slept in, didn't carpool with Eleven, arrived at work about a minute late... never really caught up. Left as early as I could to beat the traffic.

Came home and everything was beautiful so I wandered downtown to buy toilet cleaner and food. When I was done, the fog had rolled in and I wandered home in the misty gloaming of the day.

Finally checked my email and I found to my shock/horror that my woman at SJSU sent me the invite to the grad student reviews this morning and all but one had already passed. So I jumped into the silver bullet and jammed over there to catch the last show. I met all sorts of interesting people and suddenly I feel...

excited. A kind of excitement that I haven't felt in a long time.

Someone asked me if I had my apps in. Like a knife in my gut. Soon.

San Hoe never looked so beautiful. She was clear and the headlights on her freeways seemed magic. The sky was a deep blue. I wandered through the campus and I looked at it with new eyes. It had "home" potential. Ah the winds of Academe are blowing. :)

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