Sunday, November 13, 2005

Behold Our Fellow Motorists

The Apprehension

I had a great time at traffic school. Mostly it was fun people-watching. Like the grown men who were moved to tears when they were describing the circumstances of their tickets. Or the psycho redneck guy who said, "I won't take it sitting down (referring to a dirty look), I am going to hurt the guy." Or the 19 year old girl with too much make-up and whose only reply to any query was to smile shyly. She was very difficult to have a conversation with. I found out later that she did speak english. And the male to female character who was showing off her boob job with the sluttiest halter top and non-coordinating nailpolish. Or the christian high school football player who has been driving for 2 years and has gotten into three accidents and totalled one car. I was in fine company.

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