Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tuesday's thoughts on Monday. 'Cuz nothing really happened today.

Most Memorable Monday Conversation.

Making conversation with the Road Runner dude who is freeing my keys from car-cabin lock out purgatory. I am noticing how quickly he works. In the space of about 30 seconds he had put a rubber bladder in the car door, pumped it up, inserted a wedge and a long heavy wire which he was pulling at the latch with.

Me: So, have you ever thought about using your powers for evil?
Him: Oh yes, I used to be a car thief. Spent some time in prison, too. Its a felony, you know. I jacked hundreds of cars.
me: How are you liking the Straight and Narrow?
Him: (he looks at me for a second... his eyes are wild) Its crazy. I had a wife and a kid and I was looking for work. They don't hire people with felonies. So I put a sob-sob ad on Craigslist and these guys hired me.

(he makes some comment that I didn't hear) the seat was always reclined.
me: come again?
him; I'd come home from work, and the seat was always back. I asked my wife about it, and she said she never used the car.
me: did you think she was cheating on you?
him: oh no, she didn't do nothing. that was her problem, so I got rid of her.
me: because she didn't do anything?
him: yup, cuz she didn't do nothing.

I had to go, my classes had started. He hadn't quite got the car opened yet as I turned away, he called after me and tossed me my keys. He jumped into his truck and tore out of the parking lot.

I just deleted a whole trashy paragraph. It occured to me that I could actually get into trouble for what i had written. Maybe I am paranoid.


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