Friday, November 11, 2005

Meaningless Anecdotes and Silly Conspiracies

I love conspiracy theories. That probably makes me a dork. I have long since outgrown the the kind of crap you find in The Da Vinci Code, though I still treasure my copy of The Face on Mars. They open up the most wonderful and terrifying possibilities of other explanations of things, and these other explanations are so much more interesting. I would much rather believe that the face on Mars is the handiwork of the space-faring Anakim rather than a trick of the light. What thrill is contained in "a trick of the light?" How does that stir the imagination? Its not an issue of truth versus lies... often, the truth is unknowable and we just have to plug in what seems reasonable. If we can't know something, I'd rather take the more colorful and mind bending explanation. And having just read Will Eisner's The Plot I am quite aware the havoc an unchecked and evil CP can cause. (tho' the evil was already there... it just needed some flimsy validation). In a lot of ways, that is one of the appeals of Christianity. I'd much rather believe we have a loving God who reaches out to humanity as opposed to an empty cosmology that states we live in a random universe and life is meaningless and then we die. With that in mind, I present you....

Story Number One.

Big Shaft-- 5:30, yesterday. Wrapping up my cat-drawing lesson, Mrs Cohen offers me a glass of wine. It is Chateaunuef-du-pape, a French wine. I had never drunk a french wine before. It was lovely, the nicest wine I have had in a long time.

Story Number Two

Flip Flop-- 8:15 PM, yesterday. I arrive home after a harrowing drive (2 accidents!) and there is a package on my stoop from Fan Boy. I open it up, and its a signed copy of The Rabbi's Cat. It was a very cheering moment.

Story Number Three

Flip Flop 8 AM, this morning. I am thoroughly enjoying The Rabbi's Cat. I come to this panel.


I am arrested. Nay, shocked. Before last night, I had never heard of that wine before. I am nearly afraid to draw any conclusions. Well, I just won't dammit. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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